Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Is it getting hot in here?

TT Challenge Day 6

In the six days since I signed my body over for a 12 week Turbulence Transformation the number of participants has doubled and the TT forum has developed a real 'let's get this party started!' atmosphere. There is near-audible cyber-whooping every time someone new turns up and is recognised - 'woot, here's Maggie! Hiya, so what are you lifting these days?' Of course it IS an alcohol -free, cake-free, no bad language kind of party. You can't even say 'ass' because the moderating software turns it into a**. I learned that you can get around this by typing @$$. It's primarily a fatloss challenge, so of course it's essential to say @$$, as in 'I'm busting my @$$' or 'my @$$ is getting firmer'.

My focus at the moment is on two things - cleaning up my nutrition and getting some real intensity back into my training. I've re-introduced nuts into my diet after having pretty much forgotten about them for quite some time. The theory is that the fibre and fats in nuts helps with satiation, or feeling full over the long-term. I think that it's working. It is now 5pm and I'm not fantasising about getting home and getting dinner. Actually I wasn't thinking about food at all until just then *feels forehead*. It's hard not to look at 3 brazil nuts and mentally consider it equal calorie-wise, to 20g of chocolate. That's not what it's about.... I think.

In other parts of the blogosphere, I believe that someone we all know is getting.. not older, but better.
I have no idea how old she is, otherwise I'd totally spill the beans. I think it's... 30...32? Somewhere around there.


  1. Aha! So it was you spilled the beanz....

    Thanks for the birthday wishez (and the flattering lies about my age). :)

  2. Hi Sara!

    I, too, am really digging the TT challenge forum. It's great to see more and more fitness bloggers joining the competition now.


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