Sunday, December 09, 2007

The great mystery...

Do you know what this is?
This is a large pile of socks, none of which are like the others (remember Sesame Street?). Somebody explain to me the science behind this phenomenon.. please. It's a mystery almost as remarkable as the creation of the universe.
I don't know....
You will be so proud of me! I finished the first assignment of my summer paper and, although it has not been sent yet, all going to plan, it will arrive ON THE DUE DATE. You may remember that in my last paper, which was a year-long 'no-exam' marathon, I was late for every assignment and frequently forgot to check when the next one was due, then I thought I was finished but, nay, there was a fifth assignment lurking around in the back of my notes AND online quizzes. This one is a whole different story. Three cute little assignments and one big grunty exam mid-Feb. I feel good about that now, but ask me again early Feb.
The birthday breakfast went passably well. I made the decision to avoid alcohol completely and went for the pancakes with berries and yogurt. I managed to pretend to be too full to touch the black-forest gateau, even though I felt like I'd hardly eaten. I'm used to my 'sticks to your ribs' pr-oats in the morning and no restaurant food could compare for full-me-up-ness. TT training today kicked my ass in a nice time-efficient way. The kicker is that HIIT right after the weights. TT uses big moves and my legs were already feeling a bit 'used' when I got on the bike. As an example of what I am doing, it goes like this:
(Most sets/reps are 3 x 8, weight heavy enough to be 'near failure' on the final set)
Exercises are in supersets, for example, one set squats, one set chin-ups, repeat, repeat, move on to next exercise.
Split Squats
Ball crunch
Mountain Climbers
Then 20 Mins HIIT.
I deserve that kumara and lamb Rogan Josh that is simmering on the stove... mmm..


  1. You are a LEGEND!! Way to go on the super-dooper resistance to Black Forest Cake. I salute you...

    Also, the sock thing? It happens in my house, but NEVER to me. Just to all the male members of my family. I hoard the odd socks for years, until finally I realsie that the missing pairs are never going to turn up, and then I bin them.

  2. I am only going to comment on the socks... a few years ago we had a cat (Wanda) who stole people's socks from all over the neighbourhood, we ended up with hundreds ( I mean it!) of odd socks and PAIRS too... but I promise they were not yours! ha ha ha.


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