Thursday, December 20, 2007

Glad I'm not a parrot

New Zealand has a very, very naughty bird called the Kea. Apparently it is the only mountain parrot in the world and exists to terrorise tourists by stealing lunch boxes and swiping all the shiny bits off cars.
They are quite large and not scared of humans, but they have a terrible weakness when it comes to chocolate. Read this horrifying story of Kea death by chocolate. Apparently it can also kill dogs and cats because their bodies are hypersensitive to caffeine and theobromine.. I'm sure cats are too intelligent to be tempted. Dogs, however....

My sister just read my blog and reminded me that my mothers bull terrier ate a whole block of chocolate (150 grams) and was very ill for two days. Nobody knew what was wrong with her until she started vomiting chocolate... and, uh, the silver chocolate wrapping.

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  1. Keas are beautiful birds, if naughty! Chocolate can kill dogs.


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