Saturday, December 01, 2007

TT - First workout, food pics

What I really so needed this morning was to have my eyelids physically opened for me at 7am by some small fingers that were attached to a very awake small person with a loud voice that was saying something like 'wake UP Aunty Sara'. The niece stayed overnight for the very first time without her mum and it went moderately well. By that I mean, after getting up to her crying mummmy, mummy.. three times, I did the worst thing you can do and let her sleep in our bed. I then found out that she snores like a truck driver. Then it turns out that my sister had made the absolute most of her night of freedom and was in no fit state to resume mummy duty until sometime 'later in the day'. After a quick re-schedule to fit around the toddlers routine, I managed to get through the weights section of the 'original Turbulence Training' workout in the morning (with 'Poohs Heffalump Movie' playing in the background) and did the HIIT in the early evening. Splitting the training up in this way, I don't think I got a realistic feel for the intensity of the training, but I definitely feel like 'I've worked out'. I am also almost delerious with sleep deprivation and incapable of stringing many more words together right now. I think I'll just post some food pics instead.

Things I've eaten lately

Oats with egg-whites and berries. Cinnamon and erythritol sprinkled on the top.

Grilled fish sandwhich thing
A dessert. Banana, berries and easi-yo icecream. It comes to less than 200 calories of mmmm
Grilled beef and onion salad. There's a few protein crisps in there.
Grilled fish and veges. It's the seasoning that makes a meal like this work.

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