Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Seriously now... who's messing with me?

Firstly, awwwww.. thanks all you awesome people that have sent me cyberhugs and inspiring messages to get me out of my funk. I'm SO over it now and have turned my mind to something of far more intrigue than my oh-so-slowly melting flab....

Every day I get at least two and sometimes as many as ten hits to my blog that come via the search words spiky butt ball that someone has typed into the google search box. That's every day, without exception. Surely there cannot be 2-10 random people that are searching that exact combination of words every day... or can there be? And say, they are not thinking of a massage ball for their tight muscles, then what exactly are they searching for??

Try not to think about that one too hard.


  1. It wasn't me! I promise!

  2. sure it isn't Kek...


  3. I wonder if wrote a decoy post with the words spiky butt ball they'd come to me?

  4. Try it Batty. I think the more raunchy words you use in a post, the more hits in general. Kek did one called 'Office Sex' and apparently, it got a lot of traffic. One of my posts that got 1000's of hits contained the words 'fat blonde mouse'.. I'm thinking fat.. blonde..


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