Sunday, November 25, 2007

A new thingy!

The Jase has a little secret.. which I'm about to share with the world. The man is mad for kitchen appliances. This is why I was able to get away with demanding an expensive coffee machine. It's a shiny kitchen thing. As soon as Jase saw this steamer in a catalogue, he had to make it his and so today we got lots of extra cardio by speed shopping our way around town until we found THE ONE. I almost got the perfect photo of him staring intently at it, nose a few cm's from the dial, but he heard the camera whirr and leaped out of the way. I've been informed that it's perfect for making pre-prepared lunches and can even be used to make something called a Leek cake. I'll have to look into that one.. I'm not sure about Leek + Cake. It sounds wrong.


  1. Leek + cake
    Carrot + cake
    Pumpkin + pie

    Who knows??? !!! Might be good! If it is, let me know cos I love Leeks!

  2. I don't know.. a Leek seems to 'oniony' to be good in a cake.. Maybe I'll have to send you the recipe Chris and you can go at it on behalf of all of us!


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