Thursday, November 29, 2007


I got another shiny, new thing. Like Kek said to me today, you have to wear sunglasses in my house now, with all the shiny new appliances. My mum bought me a present. It's a sort of early xmas present, but I think there is an ulterior motive because it's her that first wanted it. Mum was saying how cool those scales that measure your bodyfat are and then.. voila.. one turns up by courier addressed to me! Of course she then tried to swipe it, wrap it and put it under the xmas tree, but I wasn't having any of that! I've been lately using a dial scale, very arty, the Jase bought it at some shop in England where things are made for fashion before function. If I leaned a bit one way or the other it was possible to instantly gain or lose 1/2 a kg. So, with these new scales I gained a kg (bah!) which makes my weigh-ins, to the right there, look a bit grim. But in any case, I'm about to embark on a new venture, training-wise.

I'm in week 14 of my 20 week challenge and doing alright. The main improvements have been in sheer consistency of nutrition and training. I've got a nutrition plan that is fun and workable and have discovered again the joys of getting up early to train. I feel really good and have lost about 2 kg, not much, but it's better than the slow gain that was happening before then. I've been experimenting with cleaning up my diet so that I can be a bit more lean without tipping myself over into deprivation and seem to have made vast inroads into understanding all my compulsive behaviours (eating, spending, caffeine...). I was thinking today that I really felt ready to push myself a little harder. It's been a long time since I really felt in top shape and I'd like to feel that again. Right on cue, along comes the Turbulence Training challenge and I'm in! I've been secretly practicing the TT moves that I find on utube (cbathletics channel) and I've just spent the evening acquainting myself with what I'm letting myself in for. It looks innocent enough.... I'll let you know on Saturday after my first workout!

I really dislike abandoning a 20 week thing in week 15, but there seems little point in overlapping it as if I was having a dirty affair and just want to hang onto the familiar in case it doesn't work out. Once I bought the TT manual, I discovered that I get a 12 week subscription to the TT forum. In order to do the TT challenge, you have to keep a log on the forum, so that means I'm ON, I'm started already, no messing around. Go me! Should I post my before pic? I don't know if I'm that brave! You know, if I really poke my stomach out I could look like a tellytubby.. I think that's the goal of a before pic for an actual challenge, with prizes and stuff.


  1. fun fun fun! So which version of TT are you starting with? I've been flirting with it a bit lately as a change from the usual.

  2. I'm starting with the original TT, skipping the introductory, beginner and intermediate levels. I may be overestimating myself, but I guess we will all see!

  3. Well no matter which you choose, you will have some good DOMS! All the push ups were what did me in.

    The introductory really is quite light on, I'd only do that if I started from being totally sedentary. I started with beginner, as I just needed to ease back into things and focus on consistency at the moment. That, and I have everything I need at home for it, so it gets rid of another excuse if I can't make the gym at lunch time.

    Let me know how you go.

  4. Let's see....we're about the same height and weight, you've been training for a billion years so you have plenty of muscle.... Nope, I can't see how that adds up to Tellytubby-ness.

    Your scales are definitely shinier than mine. *pouts*

  5. OOh - what's TT? I clicked the link but all I got from that was 3 x workouts of under an hour. Can you enlighten me - or point me in the right direction? I've just finished Boot Camp and am looking for a new challenge. Could this be it? misspip
    ps- Now I have scale envy.

  6. Keep an eye on my blog and I'm sure all will be revealed as I progress. It's basically a low-rep, heavy weight session, followed by a gut-churning HIIT cardio session. Yes, it's training 3 times a week but you also are encouraged to do additional activity (even HIIT) and/or core work on days off.


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