Friday, October 19, 2007

Weirdos...... ;O)

I use a program that shows me what words people have typed into the Google search box that have lead them to this very blog. It makes very interesting reading and also leads me to look sideways at nearly everyone I meet. Jim Morrison was right, people are strange. If I have outed any of you in an embarrassing way here, then I apologise. Don’t worry, I don’t know who you are (but YOU DO).

Searches that lead to Sanaworld:

Jenny Craig vs. BFL
600 calories per day
Cardio makes you fat
Always find him in the kitchen at parties
Classic physique Steve Reeves
Does the omega really work
Eat less hypnosis
Figure competitor reefed
Formthotics social photos
Planet fitness grunting
Too too chugga chugga

Most intriguing?
Where to get food when Sara Liz and Teabag are hungry

And the winner? (ta daaaah!)
The main search request that has lead people to my blog (42 times) is……

“Spiky Butt Ball”

I just don’t know what to think anymore…..

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  1. Ha! I have a lovely list of weirdo search strings too...I plan on blogging about some of my favourites one day.

    Uh...the spiky butt ball thing... *ahem* *shuffles feet*...I would be responsible for a few of those, whilst trying to find your post to link to on my blog. But not all 42, promise!


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