Tuesday, October 02, 2007

W6 - is that the best ya got?

Well, after a wildly successful and compliant week 5, I have to admit that week 6 has been a bit of a disappointment. It's Wednesday and since Saturday I've been in the grip of a lurgy most foul. I've skipped two workouts, although have made the effort to get in my back exercises and stretching. Friday and Saturday were kind of dodgy in the 'compliant eating' dept. and sleeping has been difficult on account of the sinus pain when lying down and snot nose when sitting up. Lovely. Today I can feel the beginnings of recovery and should manage my Thursday workout.
Oh.... I've just been informed that it's actually Tuesday, not Wednesday. Really? Huh... lost a day and just gained it back. Woot?

Yesterday ran away on me a bit when my routine went out the window due to my sister doing herself a nice bulging disc injury and needing some assistance. As a back pain survivor you might think that I have a lot of advice to offer when someone does themselves in, but actually I just feel helpless. I know it hurts... a LOT ... and to be fair, the best thing when it first happens is strong painkillers and horizontal rest. Although painful, it's not usually life threatening. The biggest danger is dying of boredom while you lie around watching daytime TV. In my sisters case, once the pain subsides, which should only take a few days, I will send her off to my rehab guy and she will learn about how little our spines like to be hunched over a laptop computer for hours at a time. She will get herself a spiky (see pic) and learn to stretch and strengthen.

This seems a good lead-in to a Sara's back rehab update. My back requires constant management, but if I do the right things then I'm pain-free. There are still some things to sort out. Once I started using my back as god intended by learning to squat properly (not just in the gym, but generally, for example when looking into the oven or picking up my increasingly heavy niece), I discovered a problem. My right knee does not really track properly. I can do a fabulous one legged squat on the left leg, but on the right I go all wobbly, the knee folds inwards and.. I just can't really do it. I persisted, of course and as my back got better, my knee got worse until it was keeping me awake at night with niggly pain that wouldn't quit. So... off to the podiatrist for some orthotics to correct my over-pronation. Those formthotics must be gold infused, if cost is anything to judge by. This helped my knee but then my ankles started to ache. The orthotics were overcorrecting and needed to be modified. Along with continuing to work of strengthening the posterior chain (hamstrings, buttocks, back muscles) and stretching out the quads, adductors and hip flexors, I can now do a half decent squat and only occasionally get lower back pain. This happens if I've been remiss with my pilates, or I've been doing something stupid. On Saturday night I went to the Sth Island Salsa Champs and headed onto the dance floor during the social dancing. I wasn't properly warmed up and my partner immediately put me into a wrap at a fairly fast speed and my foot slipped inside my shoe. I felt my back object, but only mildly, as my hips went one way and the rest of me lagged. I'm sure that 6 months ago, that move would have resulted in a major and painful 'back incident'. In fact it was that exact move that did cause the last incident. I will go back to my physio in the next few weeks because there are still some things not 100% to my satisfaction. If I roll onto my stomach in the night I will wake up in pain and I'm not sure why. THAT started about the same time I got the orthotics adjusted.... pfft...
In spite of the sore back, sore throat and raging headache that I took to the party, it was still a thrill to see Reuben and Vikki run away with the trophy in their category. They deserved it, with a performance that was both a great performance and still actual Salsa. Some performers had a lot of theatre but, in my mind, lacked authenticity and just came across as trying a bit too hard. Another couple from my class were second in their category, but you know what? I don't even know their names. I really must try to mingle more and get away from my old fatgirl mindset of 'nobody wants to know me anyway'.. you know the one?


  1. Ah, fun! When you begin to fix all the weird and wonderful postural/functional problems you've developed over a lifetime, it's amazing what else goes haywire.

    Oh, and did I mention it's expensive?

  2. Aaah, orthotics... they were the things that made every muscle in my back go into spasm and introduced me to the wonderful world of continuous therapy thereon...


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