Friday, October 12, 2007

The Great Unfreeze (wooohoooooooo!)

I'm inspired, nay compelled, to unfreeze my credit card* and surf right on over to Amazon to pre-book me a copy of a book which I suspect will be a much needed breath of life to the stagnant genre of the 'diet book'. The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl launches on Jan 1 and once that date passes, I'll be leaping down to the letterbox every morning with true anticipation. Shauna is a funny and sensitive writer whom has managed to de-blobulate herself by an amazing 12 stone, all the while keeping her many blog readers entertained for free on Dietgirl and What's New Pussycat, both of which I'm sure my readers already visit with frequent dedication. What I most love about Shaunas writing is that she really has grasped the seemingly contrary concept that it's never really about 'the diet' or 'the fat' but in fact it's about life and living. This is why I think her book will be a big success. This is what people need to hear, and people like me need to hear it over and over for years before it finally sinks in....

While my credit card is warm and eager, I thought I might also invest in A Lifetime of Secrets. I'm considering it. It seems somehow wrong and voyeuristic to buy a fat book of other peoples secrets. Maybe I'll feel better about it tomorrow when the ice has melted*.

*I've mentioned this in several blog posts, but just in case you missed it, my credit card is in a block of ice in the freezer. I swiped this approach to fiscal impulse control from Kek, although she swears her husband invented the idea. Pfft...Doesn't he know that she knows her cc number by heart? Kek's a bit brainy. You'd think bike boy would have figured that out by now.

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