Friday, October 26, 2007

The abyss..

There is one part of study that feels especially nice. It's that moment where I post off the last assignment of the paper and I know it's all done and dusted and that I did a good job. It feels like all the effort was worth it and I've made a solid step toward my goal of getting my degree. As with fatloss, I like to focus my mind of how I am doing right now and how far I've come, rather than go into a serious funk by thinking about how far there is yet to go. It seems to me that achieving any long-term goal has certain flow to it, there are high points at the start and near the end and maybe there are blips of success in between but there is always a bit in the middle that just sucks. That's when the only thing to do is keep putting one foot in front of the other and eventually you get there. The other option is to give up and, when it comes to heading down the path of healthiness, that's what lots of people do. They fail to, as Bill P puts it, 'cross the abyss' between the starting point and where they want to be.

'The abyss' is a very accurate way to describe that point when the intial rush of enthusiasm has faded but the results are not yet visible. I'm a little bit there at the moment with my fatloss, I'm enjoying the process, my strength and fitness is increasing and the fat is coming off at the expected rate but it's hardly a thrill a minute. It's more like a little victory every few days, like I just noticed my biceps have gone from 'mushier' to 'harder'. This was quite motivating because hard arms are definitely something I want in my life. ;) I think the trick to 'crossing the abyss' is to focus on the process or lifestyle more and stop watching the pot, so to speak.

My latest discovery is that an average day is an ok thing. It was last Friday and I was at my sisters for dinner and ate little bit a bit too much, nothing drastic. It got to the point where the calorie counter in my head couldn't accurately figure out how 'far off track' I'd gotten and at that moment I got an almost irresistable urge to stuff my face. My mental sanity stars must have been correctly aligned right then because it came to me that I'm very uncomfortable in that middle ground between feeling great about my eating for the day and feeling absolutely shite. I'd eaten enough to push me out of feeling 'perfect' but I did not really have any justification for feeling 'awful'. I was right there, smack bang in the middle of 'average'. There's nothing to 'do' with an average day. When you journal it down, you can't rave about how much progress you made and nor can you spend ages figuring out 'what went wrong' and analysing your psyche for the reasons that the day went so badly off course. I figured out that maybe this is why I tend to eat 3 desserts instead of 1. I almost need to go right past average and into a point where my bad feelings are justified. I'm dealing with it. Average is ok, and it's easier to get on with life if I can accept that average days can be a beautiful thing too.


I put Jase in charge of putting up the new deals on Sana Direct. We are pimping the Glutamine hard this month and into November. I've also got some Niacin/Vit C capsules available, just email if that interest you (as far as I know, I'm the only person on earth that takes them but I doubt I will get through 50,000). I don't know where the 3 wheels, 3 deals thing came from... but this is from the guy that declared my cat genus 'Felonicus moronicus'.


  1. That was very, very interesting what you say about sitting with and accepting average, instead of letting it ricochet off into other states.

    Or perhaps I should just say that it was "interesting".

  2. I had a similar revelation myself lately! When the day wasn't "perfect" but it was "OK" - in terms of my eating and exercising going to plan - that is a good thing. Simply "ok" is good. I don't have to be perfect to make progress.


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