Wednesday, October 31, 2007

300 calories.. what DOES that look like?

Probably not like this, unless it's been given a chew the right thing makeover.
I like visuals, especially when it comes to food. Of course, I prefer the sort of foodie photo that makes the world seem a better place, like the one above from Michael Rays food photography blog, but sometimes the purpose is to educate, not -uh- salivate. I found this article 'what do 300 calorie meals look like?' I like this. You can see that for a tiny wee 300 calories it is possible to eat quite a bit of food. Or not. 300 calories could also be just one mars bar. Or a scoop of full fat icecream. As fine as those things are when treated sensibly, they are not going to keep you full for as long as the meals on that page. Of course, I'd be adding protein all over the place - some smoked salmon with the baked potato, scoop of protein powder in the oatmeal. This would mess badly with the 300 calories per meal concept and get me kicked out of the 300 calories per meal club.... meh...

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  1. Gah! Stop with the food porn, will ya?! Hehe, I just typed "prorn" ...which was probably a Foodian slip. Get it? Foodian? Freudian? *sigh* Geez, you're a tough audience...

    Ooh, was that a shiny kitchen appliance over there? *wanders off*


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