Sunday, September 02, 2007

OH, the hypocrisy...

You may recall this righteous post , written in the days when I was probably a better person. Well, the descent started with a long black a few times a week and then once a day and then I went to Europe where the whole population runs on espresso and it was all over. While in Liechtenstein I formed an unhealthy psychological bond with a beautiful Saeco Incanto coffee machine and now I've fallen as low as one can go.


I was toying with the idea of photoshopping little hearts all over the picture, but sometimes it's just better to hang onto that last, fragile thread of dignity.

Hey, I needed something besides the Kryptonite to get me through the first week of training!

I've had a few emails about my training. I'm not being deliberately elusive, it's just a bit hard to define because I design my program on the day based around what I feel I need to concentrate on and how my back is behaving. Remember my spiky butt ball?

Well, Spiky now lives in Pisa. I took my Spiky and my resistance band to Europe with me because sitting for long periods (planes, cars) is hell on my back and I stiffen up and need serious de-kinking. After I use my Spiky I have to give it to my niece so that she can do her version of my rehab exercises. I think she must have rolled it under the bed or something and it was no longer with me when I got to Rome. I wonder what the cleaning lady made of that little souvenir from the weirdo kiwi tourists?

My current training 'split' is:

Tuesday: FBW (Full Body Workout) with an Upper Body focus and 15 mins HIIT cardio

Thursday: FBW with a Lower Body focus and 15 mins HIIT

Saturday: 20-30 mins cardio

Sunday: FBW no additional cardio

Monday nights and some Friday nights I have Salsa.

I will go into some more detail about my training in the next few weeks. This last week has pretty much been working whatever isn't already sore!


I am now working on the last assignment of my nutrition paper. This final assignment involved designing a fatloss program for a hypothetical average kiwi mum that wants to lose 5kg and whom is prone to fad diets and the yo-yo effect of weightloss/regain/loss/regain. I'm actually having some conflict between the program that I think would work and the recommendations that would get me an 'A' on this paper. In reading the notes I can see what I am 'expected' to say, the 'right' recommendation - 30 mins brisk walking a few times a week, lowfat, high fibre, get enough iron and folate, stop eating the kids leftovers, yes, yes.... (yawn).... I'll let you know how it goes and I must check the due date for this assignment. I think it's the 18th.. or the 8th.. who can say for sure?


  1. Nice to see you back, Sara. I am playing with Precision Nutrition as well. We will have to compare notes :)

    Liz N

  2. Hmmmm, don't you just hate it when you have to play the game to get the grades, even if it's not what you want to write? I have done that a few times too.... "political" correctness is all bullshit. Shame you lost spikey.. go get another one! Pink would be cute! lol

  3. Sara, I had to do the same thing with my theory assignments for my PT course when having to design programs for people - I had to go by their suggestion of the old *yawn* 3x15-20 for toning...grrrr.
    just do what you have to do to get your good marks. You can change the world later!
    Good to see you back

  4. Pfft, with the paper - just lie through your teeth! It's what we all do with nutrition stuff, even though we knows better, we does....

    Mr Saeco does make lovely things! What time is it? I must need another cup by now, surely?


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