Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The naming game

Liz put an interesting comment on my post about cheating, asking what exactly we are cheating from. It's a matter of terminology really, and I've not yet found a term that doesn't reflect negatively, either on the 'cheat' or on the 'regular diet'. For example:

'Cheat' implies that this is something you are not really supposed to be doing.
'Free Meal or Free Day' gives the impression that this meal 'doesn't count' and that you can eat as much crap as you want without consequence. That's not really true, although I've found you can get away with quite a lot if you take care the rest of the time.
'Splurge Meal' has the same implication of turning off your brain and going into 'shovel food' mode.
'10% meal' is better, although it sounds too mathematical, and I'm trying to be less clinical when it comes to food.
'Refeed' is accurate, and in many cases, relevant, but what are you doing the rest of the time? Starving? Also, it sounds to me like a medical term. That's what they do to anorexics.. refeed them.

The main thing I've grappled with is that fact that having a cheat or a splurge or whatever you want to call it implies that your regular diet is something that you need to get away from in order to maintain your sanity because it's so hard and/or somewhat boring. In my opinion, food should always be great, every meal, every day, never boring. So, what to call these meals with a little something extra? Those meals that are different because you couldn't eat them all the time and stay fabulous.

I'm trying to teach my niece about sometimes foods versus every day foods. Maybe that could work for revamping my own attitude towards 'cheating'. I thought about the American term Soul food but I just can't think 'soul food' without getting a picture in my head of something drenched in gravy being eaten by a person with an enormous bottom. I think I'm in on the hunt for a new term. Perhaps a whole new word needs to be coined.

I'd be interested to find a new expression that conveys the sense of a positive deviation from the positive norm for a positive effect. I'm sure there's a term that covers it and someone will let me know what it is. ;) What do you all call them.. your 'breaking out the Movenpick' moments?

Today is Week3 day6 of my 20 week program. Day 1 is always Friday, it just worked out that way. Once I decide to do something I just can't wait to get started. Say it's Friday...Monday is just tooo far away. Patience, not my strongest point. By the end of today I will have eaten 36 meals (plus 3 workout drinks, which count as a meal) and I've counted 13 as being fully PN compliant - that is consisting of a protein with the 'correct' sort of carb (starchy carb post workout, otherwise fruit and vege). There were 3 'FM's' (Free Meals), one of which ran into the next meal because I was too full to eat my mid afternoon snack. So, that meant that there were 20 meals that were somewhere between 'dubious' and 'fabulous'. I know that one of them was oats,protein and berries (still fabulous, just not post workout, which is the only time to eat these goodies if you are attempting to PN yourself to goddess-like abs), one of them was lean cuisine lasagne with a huge side salad (mmm..average), and I know that one of them was a large latte with 2 fish oil capsules (dubious). At least I rememberd my Omega 3's! *shines halo*.

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