Monday, September 10, 2007

Jetlag miniquiche and let's salsa.. not.

Generally I frown on complaining about the DOMS because, well... it just sounds like whining. So, I'll just say that yesterday I really went hard on the leg exercises, particularly the bulgarian split squat and romanian deadlift (bulgarian, romanian... most of the fancy exercises have a nationality, don't they?) and tonight you may notice that I'm not at my salsa class. :O(
Instead I finally wrote up that recipe for the Jetlag Miniquiches. Mmmm...

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  1. Anonymous7:33 am

    Hi Sara. Wow your results are amazing! I am going to do the BFL challenge and am just wondering if you have any reccomendations on supplements like thermos etc?
    Any advice would be MUCH appreciated as I am getting married in 14 weeks so think this would be a GREAT chance to get in shape!


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