Friday, September 28, 2007

Interesting... scale scare

Today I decided to do a 'half weigh' to see if I'm on track to get my 500g off in two weeks. I thought I might need to do a bit of extra powerwalking or something to meet my goal. Nah. Somehow I already lost 2kg. Interestingly, my first response was 'woohoo, let's EAT'. This is very interesting because, say I'd gained 2kg, probably I would have had the same response, only without the 'woohoo' bit.

So, I calmed myself and had a look at what I'm doing. My calories are averaging at about 1700 a day, which is not strict dieting. I managed 26 PN compliant meals last week. My training is fun and I feel sore in the right places. I think I'll just keep doing what I'm doing until it stops working, which I'm sure will happen. I'm following the Precision Nutrition guideline, which is to keep doing what works until it stops working, then you add an hour of activity to your week, then, if that doesn't get things moving you think about reducing your calories, by say, 50 a day and so on, obviously, you don't continue this ad infinitum but cap it at about 10 hours exercise and a certain calorie level. For me, I'd never really go below about 1500 because then I start to get mental and hungry and prone to bingeing. So, I will keep on without changing a thing and see how it looks next week. Maybe all that extra running around the warehouse used up a good amount of energy.

Tonight I've got a free meal of lamb shanks and smashed potatoes planned. SMASHED potatoes. That sounds like good cathartic food. there may also be red wine.. yes, I think so...


  1. Sounds like a very sane plan to me!! and... a nice free meal too... mmmmm wine... red wine...
    I think I'm turning into a lush.

  2. Congrats on the 2 kg loss. It sounds like you have got the plan worked out and the free meal sounds delish!

    Your motivation post below is a great motivator for me at the moment as I mine is lagging below.


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