Monday, August 13, 2007

St Moritz - I need... I need....

A CF (Swiss Franc) 14,000 cellphone. Can`t possibly get by without one!

Das Zimmer - very swiss
The lounge with a view of St Moritzsee
The Whisky bar. This claims (in four languages) to be the
biggest whisky bar in the world. The whisky menu is the size of a textbook and some cost CF 1000`s per glass. You wouldn`t want to make a mistake while ordering, hey?

St Moritz Dorf. This is where we ate lunch.


This is the Prada shop. Versace is a few shops along there.

Palace Hotel. Only stay here if you have a MercedesJust to prove I actually am doing some research. I`ve been photographing product all around Europe.

St Moritz Bad - the locals. I have not seen so many orthodox jews anywhere else in Europe. I try not to stare but it`s very fascinating, the fancy clothes, funky male hair fashion and old world appearance in a very young group with expensive cellphones and drinking cans of coca cola. Obviously the new jews have no problem with embracing modern life, just modern - uh - colours?


  1. Neat photos, love the look of the cellphones, and do the modern day jews look just as dour from the front?

  2. No, they seem quite cheerful with each other. I suppose having a lot of money might do that for you! The male hair style is really interesting. They have long, dangly curly type of `sideburn`.


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