Sunday, August 12, 2007

Samstag - St Moritz

This will have to be a short post as I am using the one communal computer at the Waldhaus Am See and it`s in hot demand. There is nothing like having a writers block while five or six other guests make repeated scoping expeditions to see if the PC is free yet.

St Moritz is, as expected, pricey and beautiful. It is basically two areas - the `dorf` (upper area) which contains the ``if you have to ask you can`t afford it`shopping precinct. In fact, many shops don`t bother to even display a price tag but I did see some accessories that ranged from CF 260 for a belt to CF 3000 for a small handbag. The lower area, or `bad`, which you reach via a nice walk along the Lake, has some shops and restaurants and causes slightly less quaking of the credit card.

At 1700 metres, we are all noticing the slight effects of the altitude. The legs feel heavy on even a slight incline and I`ve had a slight headache that comes and goes. Everybody fell asleep for a few hours this afternoon, which is unusual, and I`m sure this can be attributed to that thin mountain air.

The food has been fabulous, if expensive. Last night we found an Argentinian restaurant where the beef steaks were perfect. I had the `Senorita`version - a mere 140g. The guys tackled it`s 500g big brother. This afternoon we had lunch (lunch is always mid-afternoon around here and dinner rarely starts before 9pm) in the dorf. I chose the open salmon sandwhich with capers, horseradish cream and onions. This was delicious but was overshadowed by a visit to the loo. The toilette was so huge and pristine with low lighting and soft music that I felt like I wanted to live there.

Tomorrow, back to Liechtenstein where I will get a chance to upload some more photos.

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