Saturday, August 04, 2007

Sabato - Roma!

Travelling with a 2 year old gives a whole new perspective. Currently I'm in Rome and have just got a few minutes at an internet point before we head to Venice, so here is a brief summary of the last four days, as summarised by the little Principessa (as the Romans are fond of calling her).
Leaning Tower of Pisa - 'uh-oh, fall down'
Colesseum - 'wow, big'
Roman Forum - no comment, just stared disinterestedly and then fell asleep
Trevi Fountain - 'wowowowoowow' (she liked this a lot and had to view it from every angle and squeal a alot)
St Peters Basilica - 'wow'. This held her interest for about 5 minutes and then I had to take her outside for throwing a tanty about not being allowed to play in the confessionals and go into all the roped off places.

Other sights of interest from a 2 year old perspective:
Shrek and donkey on the back of a bus 'WOW, DONKEY, SHREK, LOOK SARA'
The horses in Piazza di Spagna. They seemed to like her too. Lots of sniffing and nose patting.
A flying, flashing toy that the souvenir sellers are currently pushing. One approached and made it fly right in front of her and she said.... 'I like it. Money now'. That was a hard sale to get away from!

Yesterday the sight-seeing was getting a bit much and we decided to head to Villa Borghese and let the 2 year old loose for some running around. The main attractions were the carousel, which went round and round for a total of 7 turns until the adults were feeling queasy, and a fountain which has a paddling pool at its base. La Principessa was supposed to just paddle, but she submerged herself, clothes and all. Luckily it's been very hot - high 20's to high 30's and we were all dry in two seconds flat.

I'm sad to leave Rome. I feel very comfortable in this city and it's never long enough whenever I come here. This time I'm leaving with 99.9% of my possessions, having been pickpocketed only once, which I consider a favourable result. I got on the metro at Termini with a pocket full of money, receipts and coins and got off at Spagna with just a few coins in there. I think it was the cute little boy that leaned on me and asked if he could have my hat.


  1. Anonymous9:12 pm

    Hi Sara and everyone
    Thought I would try this way of contacting you.
    Looks like you are all enjoying yourselves.
    Remind Jasmine that she is not a princess really and that she needs to come back to NZ where there are not many castles.

  2. Paddling in fountains on a hot day. In Rome. *sigh*

    Don't s'pose you want to swap places?


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