Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Peter! Peter!!

Heidi is very big in Switzerland. She has become famous in ways that her creator probably never imagined. There is a whole area signposted for miles around as Heidiland and you can even attend Heidi the musical.
Today we made a 15 minute drive to her home town of Maienfeld for lunch and to visit the Heidihause. Unfortunately we did the house visit before lunch and I was fantasizing over the plastic swiss cheeses in the authentic smelling food store, which is the first room you enter. I`m not quite sure about the authenticity of the Metro-style ticket gates, but you never know. Perhaps Heidis Grandad was really into his technology and paranoid about home security. The surrounding area truly is spectacular, wide green undulating spaces, Alpine Flowers (Die alpenblumen) and cows with bells that tinkle day and night. The locals assure me that the cows and goats are used to this and it does not drive them insane.

Heidi was not home, but we had a stand in actress whom was obliging enough to ignore the `don`t touch this` and `don`t sit here` signs. Apparnetly the real Heidi was a brunette (who knew?), but we did our best given the available talent.
Heidi at her breakfast table.

Heidi plays with her doll

The back entrance (exit?) of Heidi`s house

Heidi gives some enthusiastic attention to a very patient goat

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