Wednesday, August 22, 2007

On our way again!

Today is the day I`ve been quietly apprehensive about. The day when I have to try and pack all of my gear into the very same rolly bag that my original stuff only just squeezed into. So far I`ve procrastinated the moment by going shopping for supplies. I have enough protein bars to get me through all those between meal moments and aeroplane food emergency situations. The Modifast bars are especially delicious. Modifast is a meal replacement system that sells in all the chemists (apotheke). They sell boxed packages of bars and shakes that are supposed to be your rations for the day. The box advertises itself proudly as containing a full days nutrition of 890 calories. Just thinking about surviving on that makes me want to eat a whole bar of chocolate.
Luckily, I have also stocked up on Swiss chocolate. All for presents of course... except the Chocolate Noir, that`s for me. Hands off!
Yesterday the weather was a little drab and so we made a short trip into Austria to Feldkirch - the same town where we ate at the Schattenberg castle earlier in our travels. Feldkirch is a cute little medieval town with some decent shops and restaurants. It has some fame as the place that James Joyce settled on the plot for Ulysses in 1915 when he was visiting a friend.

Here we are heading out to dinner at a little Italian place `La Taverna` in Feldkirch. The food was fabulous, even with a few little spelling mistakes on the menu.. they would randomly use `de` instead of `di` and this was messing with my mind. The waiter, Jonny, is a super friendly guy and it`s quite nifty (if none too hygienic) to enter through the pizza kitchen and then descend into the cosy cave-like downstairs rooms. I`d recommend it if you are ever just dropping by Feldkirch.

If I`d been thinking of heading a few doors along for a commemorative tattoo, I might have reconsidered while stepping through the door of this parlour....My next post will be from Singapore. Wish us luck for the flight! It`s not easy to keep a nearly-two year old occupied for 11 hours, even with on-demand `Dora the Explorer` on the little TV`s (and, believe me, she can handle continuous Dora for many, many more hours than the adults can... it`s like a form on in-flight torture after - oh - 6 hours).

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