Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Last pics from St Moritz

Does anyone know what these are supposed to represent? On our last day in St Moritz we took the cable car up to the Muottas Muragl to catch the spectacular view and have lunch at the restaurant . Up the side of the mountain there are these poles and they seem to have randomly assigned numbers on them. Some have photographs attached with a little history snippet but most are unadorned.

The restaurant
Also there is some modern art or an alien vehicle or something.
Lunch was interesting. I ordered the Salami salad, which turned out to be a huge pile of salami on a wooden tray with a few pickled veges (gherkins, onions and peppers) in a little pot. I managed to pinch some of Jases salad and his boiled egg and tried not to O.D. on the preserved meats. Prosciutto, salami, speck (ham) and other cured meats and sausages are very popular around this part of the world and each region seems to have it`s specialty. On our first day in Liechtenstein we were presented with a breakfast of prosciutto, melon and bread. It`s not what our kiwi tummies are used to but we can adjust ;) The lack of Marmite however has hit my sister hard. Mum, if you are reading, can you DHL some over ASAP? It`s an emergency.

We were invited to lunch a few days ago by Göstas mum who comes from Austria and wanted to make us a traditional dish which I think is called`Knurdles`. It takes a few hours of preparation and is large, incredibly tasty, doughy balls of bread and sausage stuck together with egg and cooked in broth. After a few knurdles you feel ready to explode and, at this point, someone will press a pear schnaps into your hand and explain most convincingly in German that this will settle the stomach so that you can handle another knurdle. I estimated that meal at exactly 1 000 000 calories and 20 000 grams of carbs. Sometimes you`ve just got to call it a free meal and turn off the internal calculator. That meal was special, AND there were knurdles left over that we got to take home... just in case anyone felt capable of eating again... ever...

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  1. Anonymous8:19 pm

    Abit late to send Vegemite but will make sure there is some in the cupboard for when you are home.
    Eat and enjoy, who knows when you will be able to eat such food again.
    Love Mum


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