Thursday, August 30, 2007


I'm not sure what came over me but one day during the last week of my holiday I woke up all inspired to launch into a fitness challenge. On the plane I scribbled down a 20 week program based around Precision Nutrition with 3 full-body workouts a week and interval training for cardio. I will post the specifics of what I am doing as I go along but so far, so good, I just finished my first week and everything hurts. Seriously.. launching enthusiastically into a 45 minute 'kicking my own ass' full body circuit after 5 weeks holiday is probably a bit naive. Then I had to at least make an attempt at doing it all again two days later! Ouch... Which reminds me... I really must take a before photo. Back in my Body for Life days I was always starting a challenge and then remembering about the 'before' photo some weeks into it. I don't like the scales as a way to measure progress, expecially when taking creatine, and the tape measure is problematic (move it by 1/2 cm and you think you gained an inch), but photo's are great, as is the 'pantsometer'.

I'm trying something new:

I have never consistently used a workout drink before but a few months ago I started putting a formulation together and, in the interests of believing in ones own product, I'm going to use it. It contains the basics - Creatine Ethyl Ester, Beta-Alanine, BCAA's, Glutamine, electrolyte minerals and sugars. I've also had to puff it up with sucralose and orange flavour in order to make it palatable. This one doesn't have any additional proteins, just the amino acids which I think will be fine for me. The colour came about because I was formulating a similar product for another company and I needed to do some experimenting to learn what % of artificial colouring to use. I didn't have any of their product ready and so used mine. I think it looks like Kryptonite and surely this must have a positive psychological effect. I am supergirl.

Yes, the orange flavour and green colour does mess with my head a little. It always tastes like lime even though I 'know' I put the 'mandarin orange' flavour in there. The mind is a mysterious thing.

On the business front, I know that some of you are becoming desperate for some WPC. Hang in there, it's about 3 weeks away. I got back from travelling to discover that all whey protein prices have increased by about 60% and are still rising on a daily basis. It's insane and is caused by demand currently outstripping supply. For a while the effect was buffered by huge stockpiles in Europe, but those are now gone and you can expect most protein powder prices to go mad. Here's my advice - head ye to your gym supply outlet and buy all the whey protein powders. You can sell them on the black market later for massive profit. Currently this increase has not impacted on American products. I can now buy WPC from an American manufacturer and get it shipped to NZ far more cheaply than I can buy from an NZ dairy company, however, I'm determined to keep using NZ whey because the quality is superior. I'll be putting the September special up on the Sana homepage tomorrow. I haven't quite decided what it will be seeing as my intended WPC promotion is looking shy. Most likely the new deal will be Omega 3 caps with a free bottle of something.

I discovered something new in my supermarket - PC's! made by Aussie Bodies (which is now NZ owned.. how about that?). Protein Crisps. The ingredient list isn't exactly 'whole and natural' but, if I feel like something salty and crispy, to add zing to a salad for example, then I can lay hands on a packet of these and get 20g of muscle building protein with my crunch. What would the world be without food technologists to invent things that you'd just never find in nature?


  1. OOOO can we get those protein crisps here? I would love to try them! (NZ) btw

  2. I LOVE those things, the honey smoked barbecue flavour is fab! I never thought of putting them in a salad though - Sheer genius!!

  3. Chris, I found them in both New World and Fresh Choice supermarkets with the protein bars.

  4. Oh! Let me know how the Kryptonite works out for you. Looks like lime, tastes like orange? Sounds great!


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