Friday, August 10, 2007

Foto! 2

Werdenberg (again)
This is apparently the smallest town in Switzerland and has a Schloss (castle) which we visited. Unfortunately it was a Monday and I should know by now that most tourist attractions are closed on a Monday. Tourist101: Don`t try to catch a bus on Sunday or visit a museum on a Monday.


Vaduz - Liechtenstein
That`s Schloss Vaduz you can see on the mountain. It`s actually under renovation right now and this is the only photo we have of it where you can`t see cranes and scaffholding.
Near the Vatican we found someone who makes her living by letting tourists play with her tame budgies. The birds were really friendly and when they started jumping onto the pushchair a huge crowd formed around us, all tourists taking photos of the girl and the birds. The whole experience was definitely right up there on the `cute-o-meter`


  1. You travel halfway around the world to see.... budgies? Ha!

    Reminds me of Bangkok, where every shyster wanted to take us on a tour of the crocodile and snake farm. They couldn't seem to get that Australians? - Not very interested in those things. We have plenty at home, thanks. Now show us some more temples, goddammit!

  2. Amazing! I can't wait for more pics. Little Jaz seems quite the fashionista already, eh? Too cute!

    You look fabulous as well!

  3. That last photo is so cute!!!! Keep them coming, nothing like a toddler to 'pretty' up the photos eh?


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