Saturday, July 07, 2007

Smoothie overload, thinking bloggers

My smoothies almost always get the better of me. It could be that my WPC turns superthick in the blender, it could be that I can't stop adding stuff (today - papaya, mango, banana, WPC, xylitol, cocoa, yogurt) or it could be that I like to include a tsp of guar gum and then blend it until my blender sounds in danger of herniating a cog. I'm on my third blender and this one has been reinforced with fibreglass and superglue around the bit that kept breaking - it's the only plastic piece in an otherwise steel machine and is the cone that the blades are attached to. So far, so good. I believe this is called kiwi ingenuity. Let's just stick on a bit of fibreglass here then, she'll be right. Lucky it worked or we might have had to break out the chicken wire.

There are times when I can't finish my smoothie. I've discovered that if you dissolve 2 tsp of jello mix in a little boiling water and add it to the leftover smoothie and then refrigerate it sets into a fab dessert later. It's a good idea to stir it a few times during the day so that the jello doesn't just sink to the bottom.


I've decided to dish out my thinking blogger awards to blogs that make an effort to be educational. It's easy to just blab on self-indulgently like I do. I am impressed with blogs that aren't too self-absorbed, like these ones:

1. SaraT's Health Nuts - great recipes, most with macronutrient profiles. SaraT has been a bit busy to add anything for a while, but I know she's a food loony and will get back to it.

2. Keks Good Food Blog. Makes you hungry just reading it.

3. Stephans Learn German blog - this blog has podcasts that help you learn German and also lots of pics and cultural info about Germany and Switzerland.

I know that's only 3 so far. Nearly all the blogs I read already have been nominated. Obviously I need to expand my personal blogosphere!


Today I did my shopping and have started stocking up for my trip, which is now only 14 days away (eeeeek!). So far my pre-travel shopping has consisted of:
1 money belt
3 protein bars

Protein bars are a food (?) I generally don't eat. It's too easy to overeat them and I prefer to eat real food. In aeroplanes and airports I make an exception because I quite often can't face what is on offer (sticky muffin and transfat laden soggy cheese croissant? um.. that would be a noooooo thanks).

Also, as you know, I'm a hungry girl and my travel partners just don't need to eat as often as I do. Carrying some customs friendly emergency snacks is necessary for everyones sanity. There is just nothing worse than a hungry (and probably jetlagged, sleep deprived and whining) Sara.

Having lost my passport, credit cards and ticket home on my first overseas journey, I now carry everything essential in a money belt. Now all I must do to make my trip a success is to immediately stop watching those airline disaster programs that seem to run continuously on the documentary channel. If I freeze up on the boarding ramp and have to be sedated and carried into the plane drooling then Sky TV can pay my therapy bills.


  1. Just have several margaritas before boarding. You'll be fine.

  2. And make a batch of my choc-berry slice to take in case the flight is delayed. You don't want to starve in the airport.

    It could happen, you know!

    P.S. Ta for the award. :)

  3. Ha ha, I did the same thing before we went on holiday, all I seemed to see and read about was plane crashes, train smashes, etc !!! Hope you have fun! And not starve.

  4. Aww, shucks! (Frick, this means I have to start posting again...) :)


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