Thursday, May 24, 2007

Weighing in

For a while I was weighing myself every day. However, seeing as I'm on the 'tortoise' fatloss plan, it was really an exercise in watching the numbers bounce up and down on a daily basis and then, every 3-4 weeks, I'd find a new, lower number shining up at me. It was all a bit tedious so I just stopped and haven't missed it. Yesterday I decided to check in with the scales and found that I've lost another half kg in the last month. To put it in real numbers, in August '06 when I first weighed myself after 4 months of non-dieting, I was 63.7kg and yesterday I was 58.2kg. So that's ...**calculating** 5.5kg or 12.1lb, which has just flown off me at the heady pace of 611.1111 grams per month. Somebody call Oprah! ;)



  1. Yeah... but you know this is going to STAY off for good. :D Cheers to YOU! *raises large glass of Merlot, in a land where wine calories don't count*

  2. Wine calories count? You are kidding me, right? What sort of a world IS this?

  3. No, no they don't, honest! And not champagne calories definitely don't count!

    I think you should call the people at Guiness......The book of records, not the beer. Congratulations on being so consistent.


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