Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hey, pumpkin!

For days I've been intending to blog about my training program and yet, once again, just to belabour the point, I'm about to write about pumpkins. I'll be sure to let you in on my current training program really soon.

Today I found Spaghetti Squash. I've never seen them before and had to give it a try. This required first doing an internet search to figure out how the thing works, and then, being a truly massive specimen, it took 1.5 hours baking to get it to a workable state. The result is not exactly a realistic substitute for true spaghetti, but I think I can work with this. It is a bland and bulky food that seems like it could be successful with many different flavours.

Here it is, baked and excavated from it's shell:

After that it just needed some tasty additions. I made a caponata sauce, which is basically a stirfry vege extravaganza, heavy on red peppers, onions and tomatoes with capers and a bit of honey. Mine has been substantially augmented with baked mushrooms and brocolli. Then I added the protein, which tonight was grilled venison. Venison is a fantastically lean meat. It costs a bit more but there is nil fat to trim off.

The finished product, like so...

Of course, in the interests of keeping it real on the blog, I'd better show you how this actually looked once the photo shoot was over and I went ahead and assembled my actual dinner.

Bigger, much bigger. That's the great thing about veges - you can eat a lot of them. The whole meal came in at around 300 calories, practically nothing. If I'd made the same volume using real spaghetti it would have been at least double that. :)

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