Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Pantsometer report

Yesterday I had a Salsa lesson and was continuously distracted by the fact that my jeans seem to have grown too large. I was hitching them up between moves and was just a little bit mortified to see that when I was dancing they would slip down and my undies were on show. Of course one side of the studio is completely mirrored so it's hard to escape yourself (and your undies).

Obviously it's time to go shopping for some new jeans, but I really needed some to wear today while I wash and shrink my favorite jeans to hopefully get a few more weeks out of them. I went digging through my clothes and came across some jeans that I bought right after my BFL challenge - they had only fit for me for a few months. The last time I tried them on was in November 05 and, for some reason, I took a picture. They wouldn't do up. You can't see it, but I couldn't even get them pulled up because they were too tight around the thighs.
November 2005

I decided to give them a try today, thinking I was probably just setting myself up for a depressing experience, BUT, in fact, they now fit perfectly, not even any unattractive muffin top going on. And, of course in the pic you can see my cool scar. As for the blinding paleness, lack of fake tan and scary background messiness... there is really no good excuse.

April 2006


  1. Not talking to you... booo hoooo! Nice jeans I am forced to say.... what's with the scar? Missed that post obviously.

  2. Go you sexy thang!

    BIG congratulations. :-)

  3. I envy your non-had-a-baby belly! Also, I see no scar. Anyway, looking fabulous! Tomorrow will be the end of week 2 on my non-diet, and I'm feeling fine and fab and strong as ever. :) Cheers!


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