Thursday, April 12, 2007

Happy non-diet-versary to meeee!

Today is exactly one year since the start of my non-diet lifestyle and the end of my binge-eating. To celebrate I kidnapped my niece early this morning and we went to our favourite coffee shop for breakfast. Yes, I still like to celebrate with food but this time it was one pumpkin muffin, without a side order of biscuits, chocolate and custard square as would have been the case were I 'celebrating' anything a year ago ;)

I jotted down a few things that I've learned in the past year.

  • The scale does not measure or evaluate any of the following:

- my worth as a person

- my attractiveness in general

- my willpower

- my ability to succeed

- my fitness

- my personality

- my right to have a fun day and feel good

- my right to eat and enjoy food

  • Food is not the best response to boredom, stress, anger, frustration, feelings of failure, sadness, happiness, excitement… you know…feelings.
  • Feelings do not need to be numbed down. Feelings should be felt and responded to appropriately. Some things don’t need an active response, they are just feelings. It’s ok to not feel good sometimes. Not every bad feeling needs to be ‘fixed’, sometimes life feels uncomfortable and that’s ok.
  • It’s not about the food or my weight. If I’m obsessing about food or weight then that’s just a ‘red herring’ for whatever is really bothering me.
  • It’s ok to express myself – to confront someone that’s annoying me, to deal directly with a situation, or to put myself first. I don’t need to always be polite either. Sometimes it’s necessary to ‘speak up’ rather than try to ‘stuff it down’ with food.
  • Binge Eating is an attempt at self care. It’s an inappropriate response to a real situation that I haven’t found a better way to deal with. The trick is to find out what the real problem is and deal to it directly. Recovery is not about managing food and weight, it is about managing life.
  • I am not perfect and probably will never be. This includes my eating habits. It is not a disaster if I occasionally overeat or skip training or have a slack day at work or whatever. Probably I will always have off moments and it’s not worth turning it into a big deal.
  • If I focus on health, fitness, fun and living passionately then my body will respond by becoming fit and lean. The focus needs to be on lifestyle. Form follows function.
  • Nothing needs to be put off for some mythical day in the future when my life and body are perfect. That’s just procrastination. If I want to do something, then I can get started right where I am now. Life can not be put ‘on hold’ just because I’m not quite into my skinny jeans yet!
  • The lifestyle that gets me lean and the lifestyle that keeps me there are not very different to each other. It needs to be workable and enjoyable now. It takes a long time to lose fat properly and it’s just not an option to live in misery and exert an exhausting amount of so-called willpower for however long it takes. Better to take it a bit more slowly and enjoy the journey.


  1. Wow, Sarah, that is just so beautifully put. I hope you enjoyed your undiet anniversary! Well done...sounds like you have turned yourself right around. What a fantastic entry. Love it.

  2. fantastic and inspiring! :) happy anniversary!

  3. Go, you!

    Love ya heaps! *kisses*

  4. Printing this one out to paste in my journal, hope you don't mind. It's your way of kicking my behind from afar when I start to sulk about not being a size 6. ;) You're amazing. Next year we'll be celebrating non-dietversaries together. :)

  5. Awesome post! Totally right on every point, and I am going to live by it too! Well actually, I have been trying to for a while now!

  6. I totally forgot to put the most important thing:
    I now only eat stuff I actually LIKE, love even. I've realised that 'healthy' and 'tasty' are mutually compatible values for food. I read something about food having a psychological edge to it. If your food doesn't do it for you on a look, smell, taste and texture level, then humans tend to make up for that by eating volumes in order to 'feel' something from the eating experience. To me this makes sense. Something that packs a lot of flavour doesn't need to be consumed in bulk in order to be appreciated.

  7. Oh, and THANKS so much everyone for your lovely comments. It's like having a real birthday! You girls are awesome. *hugs you all so hard you squeak*

  8. Sorry I'm late to this party but what a beautiful eloquent post! Kudos to you girlfriend :)



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