Monday, April 09, 2007

Chocolate, tax and cooking for two..

If I go a bit quiet on the blogging activity this week, it's because I'm currently doing the Sana financials. It's the first time I've done this and I keep screwing it up and having to make panicked phone calls to my sister who knows serious stuff about keeping the books straight(ish).

Luckily I took some serious 'chocolate time' over the long weekend to take my mind off the fact that a few of our bank statements seem to be filed under U for unfindable. The above little guy in purple packs 100g of Cadbury dairy milk and he was delicious, rest his little chocolatey soul. I also made the effort and put together a batch of choc fudge brownies with my niece, who is nearly 2 years old. She stood on a chair and made lots of mmmm mmmm noises and tried to get her hands in the mix as often as possible. By the time the brownies got into the oven, the girl needed a head to toe clean down.

I really did my bit to test the 'chocolate has no calories on easter sunday' theory but I've got to admit that I completely suck at overeating these days. I'm just out of practice! I'm so used to stopping before the point of dicomfort that I didn't want to pig out. Seeing as I hardly ever test myself on this matter, it came as a total surprise. Anyway, the theory stood up to the test. I gained no kg's, not even g's. Scale weight this morning was exactly the same as on Friday morning. This paranormal phenomenon was undoubtedly helped along by the fact that my mum has a floor perfect for Salsa dancing and after a few wines we were just in the right state of mind to be showing off our moves in a most energetic fashion (as you do...).

** ** ** **

I've never found it a hassle to keep my eating on track when cooking for others. I'm also quite adept constructing a healthy meal from whatever is on offer, but I digress....

Usually I am cooking for myself and Jase and I just serve him a (much) bigger portion of whatever I'm making and he can add cheese or bread or whatever he needs. Lately he's been losing weight. The guy is rather athletic. He runs or bikes up the Rapaki track regularly and swears that the best lunch to get one carbed up for this sort of thing is a whole pizza. I'm beginning to see that even huge portions of the foods I eat won't do for him. He obviously needs way more carbs and fat than I do. Seeing as I do all the cooking (the kitchen is MINE and that's the way I like it), I've had to start separating our meals so that I can add more oil and starchy carbs to his. It's not difficult. I thought it was kind of cute tonight - the two crockpots glowing away side by side.


  1. Awesome Sara! You don't really struggle anymore with the overeating thing, eh? Man, I'm back and forth and I just want to go forth and STAY THERE! Congratulations! Anyone that's been through eating disorder hell and back would understand that this really does call for a congrats. What a long, windy road.

  2. Aww, his & hers crockpots! Cute.

  3. WOW, - Sara! Sounds like you've been busy! Best to luck with the accounts etc and don't let them do your head in too much LOL!

    I had the same feat over Easter through a little experiment. Between Easter Fri and Easter Mon scales were down 800g, AND I ate choc, (prob 50-100g daily), ate out, drank wine, infact with the extras prob averaged 2500 - 3000 cals a day but didn't binge! I did train hard mind you, and was active! So that reconfirms for me, (although I knew it) moderation and don't let food have too much power!

  4. Now why the hell havn't I thought of that??? Two crock pots, brilliant!!! And I hope the chocolate doesn't show up on the scales next week! Can do that eh?


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