Friday, April 20, 2007

Cats, Mixed Personality Eating.

Last weekend, to celebrate my 1 year non-dietversary, we got ourselves polished up and headed into the outside world to see Cats, which is currently playing at the Isaac Theatre Royal. I’m not quite over it yet. I have at least 10 feline acquaintances, some of whom just like to swan past the food bowls now and then, and I’m not sure that they are used to being greeted with “Hail, cat!”. Usually, it’s “get away from that, you don’t live here!”. I had an unfamiliar visitor this morning – a fluffy black and white cat that I’ve never seen before, probably a Jellicle cat like Rumpleteezer, given the acrobatic way it exited the catflap. Word must be getting around.

I was packing my daily eats this morning and observed that my eating is increasingly edging toward multiple personality disorder. It looks like half of my food was planned by a nutritionist and they other half was thrown together by someone with a liking for pies, chocolate and diet soda. This ‘Yin/Yang’ way of eating is what I’ve found works for me lately and it took me a stupidly long period of time to master the basics of it. The old way was to either be ‘on’ (protein, veges, fruit) or ‘off’ (pies, fudge, lattes). As we know, the old way is soooo last year. Today we have:

Breakfast: Berries and Greek yogurt

Mid morning: Home made protein fortified brownie (I’m perfecting the recipe for this – currently it’s a bit too crumbly, but the previous batch would stick your teeth together with the power of superglue. Once I get it right, I’ll post the recipe)

Lunch: Quentins gourmet steak pie, large mixed salad. This is something I sort of keep ‘on standby’ for days when I’ve either not organised anything else or I know I’m gonna crack if I don’t eat a pie. These Quentins pies are the best of the bunch and damn hard to get hold of. They are only made in small batches and sell out a nano-second after they hit the shelf. If I see them at the one supermarket that seems to stock them, I buy the lot. They are high in protein and low in that awful mushy stuff that cheap pies are full of. Also the pastry isn’t real pastry – it’s pastry-like but not greasy.

Mid Afternoon: Another protein brownie, an apple, a couple of squares of dark chocolate and I also packed a sugar-free Red Bull, but probably won’t drink it. I keep one in the fridge at work in case of serious mid-afternoon sugar craving or slump in enthusiasm. That only occurs if I’ve been letting my bedtime stretch out to, say 1 or 2 am.

Dinner: It will be my venison mince burgers, which have grated carrot, onion and mushrooms in them. I’ll make some baked kumara slices and vege-up the plate with greens. Being Friday night, there will be a glass of cab sav, maybe two.
Later, if I get hungry again I’ll have yogurt and berries. I'm going through a berry phase. All those anti-oxidants, so purple, so yummy, so healthy.
Supplements today are: 6 x Omega 3 capsules, 2g vitamin C, 2g L-Glutamine, 200mg Niacin.
Hydration will be lots of Green Tea.

In other goings on, we should all spare a thought for Kek, who is currently attending the Filex convention and running wild in Sydney. All that shopping can be hard on a girl!


  1. Anonymous4:38 pm

    Hi Sara,

    I love reading your posts about what you are eating and look forward to your muffin recipy:) I tried your chocolate cheesecake pots last night and they were deeeelicccious!!

    I was just wandering what your thoughts were, now that you are studying nutrition and are non-dieting, on the EFL style of eating eg. protein with every meal etc. Sometimes I just feel like yogurt and fruit (like your breakfast) but end up having yogurt & protein powder instead as per EFL.


  2. Hi Kate,

    I've made a few alterations from the standard BFL-style of eating, mainly towards adding more fruit and veges for the health benefits of them. I do aim for some protein at every meal but I'm not too concerned about it being 'half protein and half carbs'. I'm not too concerned about monitoring carbs, especially if they are coming from dairy, fruit, veges or beans, but I do go easy on carbs from grains because I find them very easy to overeat. My breakfast yesterday had 10g protein and about 40g carbs. By quick calculation, at the end of the day I had eaten about 120g protein, so that's pretty much right. Lunch and dinner tend to be higher in protein, often 30-40g protein each.
    The MAIN reason I go for my fruit, yog combination though is not for the macronutrients. I eat it because it fulfils my needs. It is healthy and it makes me feel full, it's quick and it's what I feel like sometimes. I have other favourite breakfasts - omlette, kumara pancakes, oats with eggwhites or protein powder. I always aim for some fruit or veges (like the kumara) with breakfast. I've been doing that for so long that it would feel weird to just have oats and protein powder now, even though I think it's a fine breakfast for most fitness goals.

  3. Hope Kek is having a whale of a time,I miss her daily ramblings! You seem to eat a lot, love the sound of the venison mince burgers, yum yum !

  4. Oh, the shopping! I think I need a week to recover....

    I was wishing you were there while buying up the entire stock at Lorna Jane, tasting the new Ladybird yoghurt/macadamia/apricot protein bars and especially while watching Warren Clampett and Nick Jones strut their stuff in their teeny-weeny posing trunks. Phwoar!

  5. Oh, and of course you would have loved the lectures on stuff like protein synthesis and the effect of exercise intensity on fat metabolism. Right up your alley.


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