Wednesday, March 07, 2007

What's cute?

Just to to show you what can happen to the brain of someone that works in the supplement industry, here is a picture of something cute - from Awwww... little bunnies.

And here is something else I find very cute:

Awwwww..microscales. Just look at them! Makes you melt! These things are indispensible for product formulation - they measure down to 0.00001 of a gram and I get as excited as a kid in a lolly shop when I get to take them home for the weekend. Moving them is a precision operation in itself - they have to be packed so that they receive no bumps (I might add that this requires a highly modified driving style on my part).

Using them requires zen-like silence and fine body control. You see how the balance is surrounded by glass doors? That's because the force of your breath will mess up the measurement. If someone opens a door at the other end of the house it will register the air pressure change. Needless to say, I can't have the stereo playing anything with a beat. Quiet classical music is the only acceptable accompaniment.. and somehow seems to fit with the 'mad scientist' nature of creating something unique. I have to move slowly and stand dead still to get those numbers just right. All of those things that you fit people spend your money on - protein mixes, muscle building supplements, vitamins, recovery formulations, they all have their beginnings as a little blob of stuff on the microscales, probably in someones kitchen or small lab. Now you know. ;)

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