Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Here is a new recipe I've just finished putting together for the Sana site (which I'm sure most people think is merely a delusion of my mind, perhaps it is.. you never know...) ;) It's based around the South Beach idea of a Ricotta creme. You can play around with the basics of it to create endless variations - I've made them with orange rind, plan vanilla, cinnamon and banana.. just go with the mood and try not to add too much alcohol or coffee.

Yet again, my food photography lets me down. I really need to work on it *note to self - learn how to take food porn shots*.

Choc mud cheesecakes

These little high-protein pots of deliciousness veer right into the realm of decadent indulgence (mmmmm…..). And yet, they fit right into a healthy lifestyle as a snack or a dessert AND they don’t require any real kitchen skills. What’s not to like?

Makes 4

100g full fat ricotta (if you wanted to reduce the fat content further then use low-fat ricotta, but I don’t like the taste or texture of it… ew!)
100g low-fat quarg/kwark – the one I use has 9g protein, 2g fat per 100g)
100g yogurt – I use ‘Easiyo Organic’
75g xylitol
30g cocoa

5g gelatine (or use 1 sachet – that’s usually 4g). You could use Agar if you are making a vegetarian version.

Mix all the ingredients except the gelatin in a bowl (why do recipes always have to state ‘in a bowl’.. what else would you use?). Dissolve the gelatine in half a cup of water and add to the mix. Depending on the lumpiness of your quarg you might want to give it a blasting in the blender, but I find that the hot water melts everything down nicely.

Divide the mix evenly into small containers or cups and let it set in the fridge overnight.

The % is for calories contributed per macronutrient. Xylitol has to be calculated separately because it only delivers 2.4 cals per gram, instead of the usual 4 cals per gram that a carb would yield.


  1. *hands you some Nigella red lippy and a wonderbra* (not that you need the wonderbra....)

    Sounds fabulous! :p

    Re food photography - it's all in the lighting, so if you have one of those cheap cameras that doesn't let you turn off the flash, you're screwed.

  2. Well, apparently there is a setting to turn off the flash but I just dunno how to do it. It's more that the camera is too complex. However, I have the instructions and I MAY read them (if I can't figure it out, say, in the next week or so..).

  3. Yeah, when all else fails....read the instructions.


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