Sunday, March 11, 2007

Mine, all mine..!

I am now the proud owner of a brand new spiky butt ball. I shall call him spiky and he shall be my spiky.

This is the biz, I tell ya. It is THE device for eliminating any referred back pain from tight glutes. Using it requires mental fortitude. The pain when those little spikes hit the right places is quite intense and can result in a tourettes-like outbreak of reflex swearing, almost before you know you've opened your mouth. Excuse the grubby fingernails. I've been messing around in dirt with my niece. You'd think I'd sharpen up for a photo shoot, but I'm too busy recording the minutiae of my daily eating for my next assignment. I have to analyse every morsel for calories, proteins, carbs, fats, saturated fats, dietary fibre, calcium, iron, vitamin C, vitamin A, folate, thiamine and alcohol. That's a level of navel gazing that goes a little beyond my usual obsessive behaviour and I find my mind wandering to such things like 'I wonder what's going on over at Keks blog?' and 'is it dinner time yet?'.


  1. That ball looks like great value :) Looks like you've discovered how tight your glutes get with SIJ issues as well. I am forever bugging my DH to give me a massage :)


  2. I've heard a good spanking can do the job too... ;)

    Seriously I love my spiky... and my piece of rubber tubing. It's the little things that keep me happy.


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