Monday, March 19, 2007

I feel a food foto coming on...

Lunch today was so much like poetry in a plate that I had to turn it into a photographic subject. Unfortunately my digi-camera skills aren't quite fully developed and the focus is off, let's just call it 'art'. So, it's not Cuisine Magazine ready but you will get the idea.

In the plate:
Two small lamb steaks that are stuck together with a ricotta cheese, garlic and tarragon mixture
cranberry sauce.

So easy and, with a couple of Omega 3 capsules on the side, it fulfils my proteins, carbs and fats quota for lunch. Maybe a bit light on carbs, that's because I actually forgot my salad beans that were supposed to go in there... they'll be sitting on the bench smelling lovely (as only beans can when they've been brewing in the sun all day) when I get home.

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