Sunday, March 18, 2007

Go the Irish.. to be sure, to be sure..

It's shameful to admit it, but I live completely out of touch with sporting events. Rugby, Cricket, League, Netball, Basketball, it all goes on outside of my consciousness, usually. I'd probably live in complete ignorance of national and international sporting events if it weren't for two things.
1. I live within spitting distance of Jade Stadium and have frequently been surprised by the 'roar of the crowd' when, for example, the Crusaders score a try. Can't avoid it. It would be rude not to enquire 'is there a game on?'. Usually it turns out to be some international extravaganza that the whole country has been crazy about for weeks.
2. The man of the house is sports mad. He gets online and follows the minute by minute progress of major sporting events along with other internet savvy sports-addicts.

This morning there was a lot of yelling going on in the lounge and the floor was shaking as if someone was jumping up and down.... I wandered on down there to see what might be going on and found Jase in a complete state because Ireland were about to beat Pakistan in Cricket. When they actually did it, I thought he might implode or faint or something. Myself, I didn't know that the cricketing world cup was on and I sure didn't know a thing about Ireland having a cricket team. But, seriously, what would you expect after St Patricks day? Forget about protein powder or glutamine - I think I'll put freeze dried Guinness in a capsule and market it as the ultimate sports supplement.


I've been following along on Skwiggs blog, soaking up every aspect her recovery from knee surgery and it's been causing me to reflect on and introspect about my own path to this point. Recovery from any setback is an interesting journey that nearly every fitness nut will have to travel at some stage. I found the quote below on (the guy I was harping on about in my last post) and thought that it nicely sums up how I now feel about injuries and setbacks and deserved an airing in blogdom.

"It takes an injury, a hardship, to gain our attention, re-right our priorities and stir our gratitude. An injury is a valuable tool to teach us training focus and true exercise performance."
~ Draper

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