Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I've been tagged by Sara2 for:
"Six Weird Things You (probably) Didn't Know About Me"

1. My left kidney works by gravity. That's different to usual way a kidney works and is because I had surgery to remove a kinky ureter (tube between kidney and bladder). What this means is I always have to pee after I lie down. So.. I have to go to bed half and hour early, let my kidney drain out and then pee or I can't sleep. I know.. it's beyond fascinating.

2. I have a genetic thing going on with my teeth. I have no second incisors which creates a gap between my top teeth at the front. I'm still not sure if I like that or if I'm going to bother to get it closed up one day. I veer between wanting to have hollywood teeth and wanting to embrace my individuality, tooth-wise.

3. I have seen the light. Or, a light.. blob..actually. I don't think I'm prone to supernatural experiences but once a blob of light floated into my room and hovered around. I swear, I was not stoned. Nothing came of it, perhaps it got the wrong person.

4. I know my family tree back to the year 1044 on my mothers side. On my fathers side I'm pretty sure my Great Great Grandparents were escaped convicts from Australia.

5. On my first solo backpacking adventure I lost my passport and tickets home within half an hour of landing in Italy. Jetlagged to all hell and with not a lot of skill in Italian I managed to get them back with the help of a man I'd met on the internet the night before I left NZ. They were on the other side of Rome and I didn't even know how to use the Metro.... ah, memories. This experience cured me of my 'leaving things behind' habit for about a year.

6. The best meal I ever ate was a perfect ham and cheese panino on the shores of Lake Como. I just dunno what was so good about it, the ham and cheese were thick, the bread was fresh and crunchy...... is that a weird thing about me? Beautiful Lake Como and the thing that stands out is a perfect panino.... ?


  1. Escaped Australian convicts in your ancestry? I knew I liked you....

  2. Heeeeee! I love it!

  3. I should have mentioned my Kiwi embezzler great-grandfather....he disgraced the (respectable and wealthy) family and had to leave the country, so came to Australia.

    Wonder who else has a black sheep in the family?


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