Thursday, February 15, 2007

Oh... that'll be hard...

I've just received my study materials for my next paper which is 'Introduction to Human Nutrition' (Human Nutrition as opposed to what?.. alien nutrition?)

It's all good. For a start the textbook looks like a book I'd like to read even if it wasn't compulsory:

The thing that really had me squealing with glee is the assignments. The first one, due in about a month, is to record my food for three days and analyse it. So.. do they want a training day or a rest day, a cheat day or a regular day? They just aren't clear enough in the instructions! This could actually be fun! And.... no exam (woot!), just five assignments that involve analysing nutrition plans. Sigh.... I'm in heaven...!

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  1. LOL. I loved that part in my PT course too...I only had to record and analyse one day's food though.

    I wonder if they had a heart attack when they saw how much protein I eat?


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