Sunday, February 25, 2007

New article

I've just posted a new article on my BFL site - Bouncing back from dietary deviation. It's just a few pointers on how to get back on track when the nutritional discipline wagon goes runaway.


  1. You share some very beneficial advice on your fitness site. Congrats. on all of your hard work throughout your challenges.
    What kind of supplements are you going to sell when your store opens?

  2. Hi Sara, Greg (OMG I have some male readers...).

    We are actually already trading but the website is taking forever because we are building the whole back end from scratch. Fun but time consuming. Anyway, I sell the basic stuff, nothing fancy. Glutamine, Vit C, WPC, Glycine, BCAA's, Glucosamine.. Then there's the foody stuff, xylitol, erythritol, stevia, guar gum, gluten free flours etc. I've got some other stuff in development, nothing too fancy though. Because I work with other companies formulations in my other 'day job' I can't really go stepping on anyones toes! The point with Sana is to sell simple stuff direct from our factory ( That way I can get the prices way down.

    Greg, I looked at your site. Your daughter is soooo cute! Sara2, you've got to check her out.

  3. This is why we love your blog Sara! Thanks so much for that article. It's all stuff that I might KNOW, but reading it again in your words is JUST the thing that I needed today! Ta


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