Monday, February 05, 2007

Losing my little miiiiind.... :O}

I'll just take a moment here to say to my friends.. you know who you are.. please don't feel neglected by my sudden lack of activity on the email front. I love you all but it's just a really 'full on' sort of a week, ok? Group hug?

The back is healing up nicely and I trotted off to see the Exercise Physiologist today only to twiddle my thumbs in the waiting room for half an hour while the receptionist frantically tried to find out where he was at. I still don't know what became of him.. maybe my chiropractor gave him the inside story about the crazy lady and he decided it was best to just hide in a cupboard and bite his nails down to the quick. I was more calm than I should have been about the no-show, possibly because my brain can only fixate on things Bio-sciency right now. My exam is in 6 DAYS and I am starting the pre-exam freakoutfest sufficiently in advance with the goal to be at calm nonchalance by next Monday.

As well as the exam, I have been writing a submission about, or actually in objection to, the TPA bill which is currently before select committee in Parliament. If it passes into law this bill will burden the NZ supplement industry with the exact same troublesome legislation that has hobbled the Australians. Now, however, there is last minute 'challenge' which I did not forsee. I was planning to send the document by overnight courier tomorrow (last day for submission is Wednesday) but.. tomorrow is a public holiday, Waitangi Day. I don't know if the couriers will be working and, do you think it's possible to email Parliament? No. You have to submit a hard copy to three different departments, then perform a back flip and sing the National Anthem in Chinese or something.

Onto the important things. Nutrition has been fabulous and my weight has now come down by 4.4kg since mid-August without 'dieting' as such. I am loving the fab Sara2's recipe blog for inspiration and sheer droolworthiness and, as Sara would say, y'all should check it out. I was feeling like such lean machine today that I got online and bought myself some dance sneakers. I am thinking that having proper shoes for dancing is going to help keep my back healthy. Dancing in the wrong shoes is a bit risky. If they are too slippy then you are unstable, if they are too grippy then you twist your spine too much when spinning or turning. I've bought the shoes in the pic. They should be neither too slippy or grippy and they look a bit funky too.


  1. Oh, that is AWESOME! Congratulations on the weight loss! And... you will kick total and absolute ASS on your exam. I remember the pre-exam freakoutfest well. At least you know that post-exam relief is right around the corner!

  2. .. followed immediately by another assignment and another exam and on and on for the forseeable future....
    My next paper is nutrition. I'm looking forward to that one.

  3. Ah, you could teach THEM a thing or two. :)

  4. Love those funky dancing shoes ;)


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