Thursday, February 08, 2007

Illogical justification...

Have you ever noticed that many so-called friends will take any opportunity to point out what they think is the futility of looking after your body?

Lately of course I've had a deluge of helpful observations from the many self-appointed spine experts in my life (who knew there were so many?!). So far I've learned that the true cause of my back injury must be exercise. According to popular opinion I should have many years ago adopted a lifestyle of minimal activity and this would have prevented my SI joint from moving around the way it does. Sometimes it's hard to keep a straight face in the presence of such astounding logic. Maybe, just maybe, I could have avoided back trauma if I lived like a fat little snail, or maybe I would never have recovered from my surgery at all without the core work I devoted myself to after the op. Maybe without that training I would never have been able to Salsa. Maybe it was because I became complacent about those core exercises that my back became unstable? How about that? *blank uncomprehending look*.
Yeah........ this 'must be bad for you' thought pattern is the same mentality that blames any little sniffle I get on my healthy diet. If I sneeze, it's a sign that carrots = white bread and you'd might as well live on crap seeing as eating fabulously doesn't bestow immediate invincibility.

I've discovered that it's kind of pointless to argue the merits of core training and veges. The only acceptable defense is to accidentally flash your abs or biceps now and then. ;) That'll shut them up.


  1. Yeah, how weird is that? As well as the usual smug comments about injuries, if I ever complain at work that I'm cold, I'm informed (always by a 'larger' person) that I need more fat on me. WTF?

    Funny, I was always just as cold with an extra 30kg of fat on board. I swear, the aircon in my office is permanently set to 'arctic'.

  2. What about this one? In spite of the fact that I've never taken a 'dry chicken and green leaf' meal to work, at least three times a week, someone catches me eating and has to pipe up with 'that actually looks good!'... but they say it as if this is something unusual and usually I eat cardboard. Sometimes they even sniff my food (I hate that). Surely one day they will realise that the stuff I eat tastes great. I don't eat anything I don't like.

  3. Yeah, you will get that with SIJ problems. I was initially told to "prepare for having a sedentary life" (snort!) These people would be amazed to see me doing plyometrics in my lounge room :)

    You have to be careful with SIJ instability but if you're determined, it shouldn't hold you back from doing almost anything you like.

    Liz n

  4. Perhaps you could just get a T-shirt with your BFL after pic on it Sara. Wear that around and then ask people BEFORE they comment if you look like you need advice!

    I get lots of comments at the moment on my diet. Too many carbs, not enough carbs, too much protein etc etc. Interestingly, the comments are always from blokes who look like they're into the 8th or 9th month of pregnancy. I know from personal experience that fat people tend to read LOTS about nutrition and diets, but c'mon people! Have YOU just dropped 5 dress sizes? No? Well how about I just keep doing what seems to work then, shall I?? Go enjoy your sandwich and iced coffee and believe you know better. Fine by me!

    BWAHAHAHA.. sorry to hijack your blog for my own little whinge there! :-D


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