Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I am Mii

I live surrounded by gadgets. The latest addition to the menagerie is the sleek Nintendo Wii (it's pronounced as 'wee' for those of you that don't get out much). It's a step in the right direction for lazy gamers. For example you can play tennis with it by prancing around the lounge and using the Wii-mote (get it, get it?) as a racquet. Games are going to evolve to the point where you get so much exercise you'd might as well just go play tennis... or perhaps I'm missing the point?

One of the coolest things about the Wii is that you get to become a Mii. Your Mii represents you in the games and also goes visiting other Wii's across the globe all by itself, making friends and probably picking up bad habits, snorting coke and dressing funny. I found this site where you can create a Mii even if nobody will take you home to play with their Wii (*snort*). In order to save your Mii you have to print screen and then paste into Paint or Photoshop. Not too tricky but yell out if you get into a situation of computer frustration.

In other news, I had a very exciting Friday because.. you know how I love dancing and also I'm a bit addicted to forums and the internet in general? Well, Danzalatina, where I attempt to improve my Salsa, has started a Salsa forum! So.. that's where I'll be, ok?


  1. Gosh, your Mii even looks like Yuu!

  2. Ditto to Kek! It's a remarkable likeness!
    For those of us who live in the Dark Ages (ok, so I have a TV, it just lives in a box in the spare room, along with the bajillion cables that I'd have to untangle if I wanted to watch it. Too hard!)... I do get jealous of flash things like your Wii. Watch out for anyone practicing their golf swing too close to your face though! :-)

  3. I really want to see some of YOUR Mii's! Come on, it's F.U.N and not a bit fattening to make a Mii.

  4. Well I did make one last night....but had to go do something and while I was gone Aaron decided it would be fun to make his own Mii and then I couldn't be bothered re-doing mine.

    Gee, all those words, just to say that I haven't got one.



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