Sunday, January 28, 2007

You're going to do... what?

Me: 'I'm going to take an extra rest day'
God: 'I will have to smite you with fatness'
Me: ' I have a firewall against smite viruses, so there..'

I know from past experience that due to my *slightly* obsessive personality I can sometimes overdo it with training, especially if I'm also losing fat. The popular fashion to eat less while training harder is really a recipe for burnout. Lately there have been some researchers,for example John Berardi and Lyle McDonald , coming up with some sane ideas. Train hard and eat to fuel that or eat less and train less. Incidentally, Berardi and McDonald seem to despise each other. Lyle dishes the dirt on John frequently, calls him a 'moron' no less. However, bitching aside, they both have big .. er.. brains and their writings are well worth the read. But I digress...

Last week I noted the 'signs' of overdoing it. It's not exactly 'overtraining syndrome', which I've also had before, but is more of a subtle warning that I'd better button off or suffer the consequences. I was tired, my legs were aching and I was feeling ravenously hungry - all signs that my body needed a rest. So, I put an extra rest day on Thursday, decreased the intensity of my Friday cardio and ate a bit more. Yesterday I was bouncing around ready to take on the world again. A year ago I would have pushed on in spite of what my body was saying and probably ended up in a food binge when the hunger got the better of me. See? maturity has finally hit. It had to happen some time.


  1. WHAT WE NEED is usually right there in front of us but we often chose to ignore it or simply don't know how to listen to our bodies in the first place, and it turns self-destructive. I never realized that listening to your body is a learned skill for some (myself included!), and it's such a huge and necessary step on the road to being well and fit. I'm learning that as well, FINALLY. You're KICKING ASS sweets! :)

  2. Listening to your body is wise. Training intuitively is the way to go.

    BTW I am a big fan of fish oil/Omega 3s!

    Liz N


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