Sunday, January 14, 2007

What I'm on

My supplement program is a dynamic thing and changes to meet the needs of the moment, time of year and current level of self experimental curiosity. Given that I mess around with supplement formulations all day, you’d expect that I take everything out there. Well, sometimes I do go a bit crazy over something exotic but most of the time I stick to the basics – the stuff I sell through Sana Direct i.e. stuff that I know works and that I think would benefit most people.

My current regime:
Omega 3 Fish Oil – Don’t even get me started on the gazillion reasons everyone should take Omega 3’s, every single friggin’ day, including holidays, birthdays and the day the world ends. What’s great about it is that Fish Oil is one of the most expertly studied nutrients available today and the research just keeps on giving it the two thumbs up for … cardiovascular health, mental health and memory, sharp and healthy eyes, non-creaky joints, glowy skin, allergies and asthma and fat loss. I take 6-10g a day of Fish Oil (that’s about 3g of actual Omega 3’s).

L-Glutamine – I need it to help me recover from my ‘near death’ intensity strength training sessions. It keeps the DOMS minimal, stops me catching colds and diminishes sugar cravings. For me, it’s one of those things I notice when I forget to take it and find myself crippled after a training session or making a slow pass of the chocolate aisle at the supermarket. I take 5-10g a day.

Vitamin C – Everyone knows about this one, right? Immunity, reduced stress response… One lesser known feature that I've seen on more than one occasion is the use of high dose Vit C to bring down high cholesterol (which runs in my family). In my case I halved my cholesterol reading taking 6-10g vit C (that’s a LOT) every day for 6 months. The doctor couldn’t believe it. Currently I take 2g a day, sometimes more.

WPC (Whey Protein Concentrate) – I count this as a supplement because, although it is the handiest thing for keeping protein levels up, it’s not a whole food. In my first Body for Life challenge I was ‘financially challenged’ after travelling and was delaying the inevitable return to paid employment. WPC was the ONLY thing I used as a supplement and I did just fine, thanks.

Those are my mainstays.. and now for the less usual bits and pieces.

Niacin – I started taking this to reduce my cholesterol but noticed a dramatic (within 2 days) improvement in my skin, which had always been prone to adult acne (pimples and wrinkles.. lovely). Now that is a distant memory and all I have to put up with is an occasional outrageous Niacin Flush.. the hippies used to think it was a buzz of sorts.

5Htp, Magnesium, Zinc, B6 – Designed to improve my natural moodiness and get me to sleep peacefully.

A few things I'm also taking as a sort of metabolism support/fatburner program – Chromium, Selenium, 7-Oxo-DHEA, Green Tea Extract, Coleus, Cayenne, Acetyl L Carnitine – it’s a mix that I’m experimenting with.. will let you know if it helps me or kills me.

I am not taking a multi at the moment, and that’s because I am vege loading on a daily basis, but it will be something I add back into the mix shortly. I am also considering adding a ‘during and immediately after’ workout drink of simple carbs and Whey Protein Isolate to my plan in order to get more intensity into my training and help me recover at great speed. Apparently it’s all the thing these days and could help me get delts like Jen.


  1. Alright then, I'm sold on the Fish Oil. I'll pick some up during my next trip to the supermarket! I'd love it if you'd post some more recipes! Kek too!

  2. Oh yeah, fish oil, vit C and glutamine: the holy trinity of supplements! Of course the WPC just goes without saying.....

    Love 5-htp too - but it'd be nice if one could actually buy it here without having to go to elaborate and deceptive lengths, involving a friend from Canberra travelling to Qld and pretending that she's her own mother, then whispering the secret password, turning around three times, clicking her heels together and giving the secret handshake, so she can then post the dirty goods to me.

    Yes, that IS a long and involved story. Might even tell it some time. Pfft! Stupid government regulations.

    Maybe you could just smuggle some into the country for me on your next visit Sara? :D

  3. hehehe....who would have done that for you Kek???


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