Sunday, January 21, 2007

Ok, let's have it!

I have been going a bit bonkers trying to name my new WPC Powder. It's as bad as picking a name for a baby, maybe worse because you have to ensure that nobody else has named their baby the same thing. I thought I'd settled on 'Perfect Protein' and then discovered that Aussie Bodies have one named that. I could just call it 'WPC' or 'Whey Protein', but.... it just doesn't seem to say 'this stuff is amazing'. Is there anyone out there having a creative moment in the direciton of flash names for the new addition? I will consider anything.


  1. Um... super-Sara's satisfyingly sassy stuff? Nah, just kidding.

    What about Protein Perfection? Too close?

    Wonder Whey?

    Wicked Whey? Teehee.

    Peerless Protein? Nah...that's a bit poncey. Precise Protein? Perhaps too close to a certain *other* brand's product.

    I'm useless at this sort of thing. Sorry darls.


  2. I'm putting my vote in for "this stuff is amazing" as you so aptly called it!

    Wouldn't that be much easier, if they were actually named to suit the characteristics? I'd much rather buy a tub of "creamy texture but chemically after taste" or "fabulous flavour but a bit gritty" than the endless tubs of Perfect, Hyroxy, Phase etc etc!


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