Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Oh, the irony..

I had a feeling I'd missed my regular chiropractic appointment. I'm reliant on text reminders, which is unfortunately in conflict with my terrible history of cellphone neglect. Most of the time it's flat or has vanished - only to turn up under the bed or in the fridge. So, yesterday when I relocated my cellphone I set up a reminder to myself to call and make an appointment today because my back has been sending a few little twingey and grindy messages that things are not quite all he-he-ha-ha.

Last night while feeling the groove at my Salsa class I went to take a turn and my back went into a spasm and made a crunching sort of sound and I had to stop and stand there trying not to further embarrass myself by collapsing or bursting into tears. So, that was it for Salsa class and today I called up Sportsmed and said that I thought I'd missed an appointment. The receptionist confirmed that their text-reminder system had spat the dummy and neglected to text appointment reminders for yesterday. My appointment had been yesterday morning!

I managed to get an appointment with my chiro and, poor Greg, I gave him such a hard time, demanded xrays and a proper diagnosis rather than just the 'SI joint dysfunction' theory that has been the semi-official diagnosis of two chiropractors. It's a bit unfair, I can hardly blame him for the lack of core exercises and stretching and ignoring of little trouble signs, can I?

That's the whole problem area in the photograph. The sacrum, which is labelled attaches to the pelvis at the ilium. The idea is that this joint should move just a little when you move and that problems occur when it either displaces (moves more than it should) or locks up. Whatever the cause, do you see all those big nerves around that area? No wonder it hurts so much when things are not right. I'm on the case now. I want to dig to the root of this recurring problem. I've got my xrays done, I've scared my chiropractor, emailed the lovely Liz who knows about these things and, depending on what the xray shows, I will go searching for more specialised advice. If anyone reading this has any gory backpain stories of their own or any ideas to throw into the pot, just go right ahead and 'comment'.

On the positive side, this is the third time I've had this injury and I estimate this time is about 1/10 the seriousness of the first time and about half as bad as last time. I've set a goal to be back at Salsa in two weeks. I just graduated to the 'Intermediate' class and don't want to get left behind!


  1. I'm glad it's not just me. I can't remember a medical appointment without setting reminders in my phone. Which worked brilliantly until I got a new phone and forgot about the reminders in the old one...

    Haven't seen my chiro since November. Oops.

  2. Excuse me? Phone in the fridge?
    I know you're quite the kitchen whizz, but unless you're calling Jamie Oliver, is there any particular need to have it in the fridge? LOL!!
    I splashed out last year and bought a fancy schmancy PDA phone, which has a wireless sync with my Outlook calendar (yes, I'm a geek). I'm a bit the same, I have lost that part of my brain that remembers stuff that isn't in the Calendar. *sigh*


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