Thursday, January 04, 2007

New gadget

I've been putting recipes together for the Sana site and
have decided that some people need a more precise
measurement of, say, chicken breast than 'a size that seems about right' - which is the way I usually cook. You
should see me bake.. I never know what's going to pop out of the oven.. or if it will be edible by a normal person. I may create life in there one day.

Anyway.. those days of random, flying by the seat of my pants cookery are all behind me now and I have some cute and accurate digital scales, courtesy of Santa. As you can see, the Green and Black people are telling porkies about their chocolate being 5g per square. It must be 5.33g... are they trying to make me fat?

Today I posted off my second assignment which had grown into 29 pages of pure torture that covered.. oh, nearly every body system in quite some detail. I had to keep reminding myself of the things I've learned in training like it will feel so good when I am finished. When I put the fat envelope in the letterbox today I almost couldn't let go.. I'd been practically living with the thing 24/7 over my whole christmas break and had developed a strange emotional attachment! I have one more tiny assignment and then the exam. Deep breaths.....


  1. VERY sexy scales! Must get me some of those.

    And I really think you should write and complain to Green & Black. That's outrageous!

  2. Clearly there is some conspiracy to make our bums bigger, 1 gram of chocolate at a time!! :)

    Congrats on getting your assignment off, why am I feeling a slight correlation to some kind of Post Natal Depression?!! This amazing thing that you've been creating, finally released into the world!!

    I have a physio/psycho/weirdo-logical type question for you... Do you know if there is some THING that makes some people crave salt rather than sweet, and find comfort in dehydrating crunchy things rather than smooth, soft, cakey things? I was just wondering, after realising that I have lots of chocolate in the fridge, but would hand it all over so willingly if someone would let me lick the salt of some peanuts as a trade...

    Thanks Miss!

  3. Hmmm.. well, salt cravings can happen for a number of reasons, some of them serious (like diabetes or funky blood pressure) and some not serious (psychological attachment or slight dehydration). My first question tho' would be 'have you been low-carbing'? If so, then you really need to supplement with minerals like potassium and calcium because when you drop water weight quickly your electrolyte balance can go wacko. Conversely, if you overindulged in sugar over xmas then this could be the dark side of that. Just ideas. I'll email you once I've thought about it a bit more. I'm tending toward a mineral imbalance in your diet but need to look some things up.

  4. Oh, I didn't intend for you to go to any trouble! Just thought I'd post it to you, as you're studying all this 'stuff'!

    I don't think I'm low carbing, I eat bread, rice, pasta, strawberries and yoghurt every day. I also recently had a diabetes test, and it came back fine. So I'm not worried about my passion for salty stuff, just curious. Perhaps it's nurture rather than nature. I've got that whole Eastern European thing happening in my family, we grew up on pickles, relish, caviar and pate rather than fairy bread and soft drinks!! :-)


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