Thursday, December 14, 2006

Tootsie photography

You know how my office-mates think I'm weird because I sometimes feel the urge to photograph my food? You can imagine the chorus of groans when I just had to photograph my own foot. Yes, that's probably not normal but do you know what this is? This is a foot with a newly aquired Fatism attitude.

In general I would say I'm not Fattist. I even took the IAT test and proved to myself that Fat/Thin or Average, my brain considers all people equal - however, I did learn that I subconsciously prefer Oprah over Martha (who knew?).

This injury was caused in a bar at our work party. An enormous woman lost her balance and landed on my foot... with the point of her stilletto heel! While I was squeaking something that I'm sure was polite like 'please lift your foot.., ma'am..' I realised that actually she wasn't capable of it. I had to lever her off me because she could not use her body enough to balance on one leg.

This got me thinking..... how many people are walking around that can't manage simple things like walking up stairs because of their physical condition? What if that woman had to run from an attacker or hold her own bodyweight even for a second? It's pretty bad when you can't stand on one foot in heels!

I know that usually my reasons for exercising are driven by vanity - I want to fit my skinny jeans - but, hard as it is to believe, there is a more important reason for all the nutritional planning and hard training. A Human Being should be strong, healthy and functional and this is the main reason for looking after your body. Many people wimp out on their fitness program within a few days or weeks because they don't yet look great naked. It's just not all about that.

In the studyfiles I can report that Assignment 1 'The Thyroid' was finished last night just in time for me to watch 'Workout'. It's amazing what you can do with a motivating deadline. I spent 2 days writing it up after I dug myself out from the pile of indecipherable scientific studies that had become my home. I'll get some of the less boring bits together and post those in the next few days.


  1. !!! Your poor little foot !!! :( Perhaps that woman should look into taking one of those stripper fitness classes that are done in heels? I mean that's functional fitness, right? ;)

  2. Hey nice bruise - don't blame you for taking a photo of it, I would have too!

    Functional strength - that would be the thing that my MIL has discovered she totally lacks, since she broke her leg. She can't get around on crutches, because her upper body strength is SO crap. Which, by the way, I have been warning her about for the last couple of years, but did she listen? No-o-o-o.

    As for the large lady in heels, I hope you at least spilled your drink all over her best outfit!

  3. The large lady was about 22! She did apologise profusely and I think was kind of embarrassed. I hopped out to the loo to take a look because I could feel my foot swelling and was scared I might have a broken bone (that would mess with my cardio plans something wicked!). That was Saturday so it's gone back to a normal shape.

  4. Ouchy McOuch!

    That sucks hardcore. I dunno how enormous people wear stilettos I know that 15 - 20kg ago I sure as shit couldn't wear heels of any description.


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