Monday, December 25, 2006

The hot bod of Bond, when Margaritas attack and uh – tripod cats.

It’s been a more than usually crazy sort of week and already it’s waaay past my bedtime so I’ll try to keep from waffling on ;O)

Let’s talk about hot bods currently available for your viewing pleasure. I have seen the new Bond movie Casino Royale and I’m thinking.. that Daniel Craig.. he’s edgy. I like that in a Bond. The movie starts with a good 5 mins or more of the new Bond chasing a street-jumping terrorist around in an impressive scene of sheer physical action. Later there is an almost naked scene but it’s.. ummmm.. let’s just say there was groaning in the theatre and it wasn’t coming from the women!. Plot? Yes, there was one.

I must be far too busy because it has not blipped on my radar that there has been a new Rocky movie in production. Now it’s nearly on release and I’m keen to see how Sly is shaping up in his 60’s. I had a look through his book, Sly Moves. It’s very much a Body for Life style program, complete with 12 week challenge and Instone product placement but I like his attitude of maintaining a fit lifestyle at any age. For some reason I quite like fighting movies. I considered taking up a Martial Art earlier this year when I was looking for an fitness focus, but instead I decided on Latin Dance.

Friday night was our Salsa xmas party at the Mexican Café which led me to an important discovery. Not only will more than one Margarita give you a terrible hangover, causing you to go slack on blogging, study and keeping in touch with your friends, BUT, worse than all that, it may cause you to lose all your rhythm and trip over your own feet right in front of your Salsa teacher.. just saying..

Also keeping me busy has been nursing duties for my sisters injured cat. Cleo the little black maniac had an incident with a nasty dog that nearly killed her. Broken ribs and sternum, punctured lung and a hind leg broken in three places. Ouch! She is oh so lucky to be in a family of cat people and that she is my nieces special pet. First there was chest surgery to close up the muscles and remove rib fragments. Then there was leg surgery to try and pin it but that didn’t work so next up was leg amputation surgery. I felt a bit weird about the idea of a tripod cat but apparently cats get around fine on three legs. It’s one of the advantages of having four legs. Now she is at home but has to live in a cage for two more weeks until the chest is healed. So in her lounge my sister has a cage containing a mostly shaved, three legged, very cranky little black cat. As for the cost.. she handed over the AMEX then stood back with her hands over her ears singing “La, la, la, la”.

I hope everyone reading this has a fantastic xmas day and remember to stay off those scales until at least the 28th. Post xmas day carb bloat may just be the scariest thing there is.


  1. Merry Christmas! I hope you got very spoilt.

  2. I don't know about Casino Royale, perhaps if it was just an hour and a half of Daniel Craig with limited clothing I might be tempted! Shameless.
    My movie going this week will probably extend to the oh so very grown up heights of "Happy Feet"! :-)
    Hope you had a fabulous day, 3 legged cat and all!

  3. Post-Christmas Day carb bloat? Ugh. This morning the aftermath is NOT a pretty sight...I'm just pretending that it's a deliberate carb-load to get me through some planned bike rides this week. ;)

    Thank goodness for elastic waistbands!

    Hope puss is feeling better!

  4. Hey Sara!

    Daniel Craig with few clothes, - umm umm!!!

    The salsa dancing sounds fab!!!, - would be a great experience except for the falling over. But you did well if you didn't hurt yourself/others/rip your clothes or break any glasses!

    All the best for a FANTASTIC year in 2007 for you!!!



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