Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

Somehow I managed to lose ½ a kg between christmas eve and this morning…. I feel like I’ve gotten away with murder, considering the amount of chocolate consumption that has been going on. That brings my total scale shrinkage to 4kg since mid August. The slow boat sails on…

I think this uncharacteristic lack of seasonal pudginess is due to several things including the fact that this year I’m not ‘starting a diet’ on Jan 1 and therefore have no compulstion to eat everything I’ll be depriving myself of later. Also, I’ve kept active rather then letting the lardass within dictate sloth and gluttony of Roman proportions. In between indulgences my healthy habits have been kicking in and I start to search for protein and veges. All good. The biggest thing about this festive season is that I’m no longer dieting and therefore havn’t been a victim of the intensive carb cravings and binge behaviours that hit when calories are too low. Because I’ve not been on a single crazy binge since April I have discovered two things that I never knew existed before – the feeling of ‘I’m full’ and the fact that being over-full just feels bad!

It’s been a very slow journey coming out of the diet and binge mentalilty but lately I’ve been noticing that things are different, like hearing myself say ‘no I really don’t feel like any cake right now..’ on christmas day and then today finding a giant chocolate biscuit that someone gifted me and I had forgotten about it (what???) All of this is a far cry from last year where I escaped the prison of my latest diet in spectactular fashion, ate everything not nailed down and spent new years eve feeling bad and planning the finer details my next diet and training regime which would kick off with a magical dose of willpower at the arrival of the new year. Y’know?

I wish you all a truly fabbo new years eve. I’ll be heading out to my mums house in Oxford which is pretty much in the back of beyond, lots of nature, the lamb lying down with the lion (that would be the pet sheep and the bull terrier). Perhaps by sheer force of hope we can materialise a gorgeous warm night because, hello, it is technically the middle of summer..….everybody concentrate now… ‘rain, rain go away…’


  1. A very Happy and Healthy New Year to YOU!

  2. AWESOME work on the 'no bingeing' and keeping control over Xmas!!!
    Well done!

    Best wishes for an AWESOME 2007!


  3. Happy New year to you, oh gorgeous one! Hope 2007 just brings more and more fabulousness... fabulosity... oh whatever! Hope it's one big fab-o-rama for you!!


    Fingers crossed for a fine and mild evening for ya. :)

  4. Wishing you Health and Happiness, Success and Prosperity in 2007!



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